Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Not so much

I haven't done so much lately.  It was a very busy week last week with my shifts all over the place and my birthday on Friday, then the St. George's Day Parade on Sunday.  So I didn't have many chances to do my stitching but I did manage to finish all of the black on page 7 Sunday evening before Once Upon A Time then added some new shading last night! Blue!! A new colour!
Day 45 - 27-4-13
Day 46 - 28-4-13
Day 47 - 30-4-13

Sunday, 21 April 2013

Early week

I have just confused myself big time! I misread my last post so I mixed up all my dates! I hadn't realised I'd not uploaded last Saturday's work when I posted the blog and I was convinced I'd updated last Sunday.

Oh well, I'm straightened out now.  So Saturday I only managed to do a little of the confetti.  Sunday I managed to finish all the confetti and complete page 5.  I made a start on page 7 on Wednesday and yesterday I completed the back of the cat on the same page as well as making a start on its tail.  Today I did more on the tail and that's about it.

I wasn't able to do any on Monday where I started work at 7am, went straight to Cubs and didn't get home until gone 8.30pm.  Despite having the afternoon off on Tuesday I didn't manage to do anymore as I was too interested in my Once Upon A Time magazine! I think the same excuse followed for Friday.

This coming week I've got Thursday off so I may be able to get some more done then.  Friday I won't be able to as its my birthday and I'm going out after work.  Next Sunday is our local St George's Day parade and then I'm going out for lunch with my grandma.

But here's to another week.

Day 40, 13-4-13
Day 41, 14-4-13
Day 42, 17-4-13
Day 43, 20-4-13
Day 44, 21-4-13

Saturday, 13 April 2013

7 days stitching

Hi all.  So I have still been stitching since Easter but I've not always had the time (or the energy! lol) to upload my posts.  So here's 7 days of stitching since then, having not stitched every day.

Day 33, 2-4-13
Day 34, 3-4-13
Day 35, 5-4-13

Day 36, 7-4-13
Day 37, 10-4-13
Day 38, 11-4-13
Day 39, 12-4-13

Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Easter Monday

I managed to finish all of the star shade and the '+' shade as well as completing two or three confetti shades.
Day 32

Easter Sunday

I've slacked a bit on updates, but here's Easter Sunday's progress.  I got quite a bit done even though I was at church all morning then went to a friend's house for the afternoon.  When I wasn't eating dinner at her house, we were watching the Boat Race and things while I was stitching.
Day 31

Sunday, 31 March 2013

Easter Saturday

I didn't get quite so much done as I did yesterday (well, Friday because technically I'm writing this on Sunday as I was out late last night) but I got another chunk done.

I had to stop as we went out in the evening to see a Queen tribute band.  They were very good.
Day 30
In other news, I got my nails done again! Loving the glitter!

Friday, 29 March 2013

Happy Good Friday

I spent most of today working on this.  I was supposed to go to church this morning for the Good Friday service but my head was feeling fuzzy again (had a massive headache last night too) so I gave it a miss and just sat in bed stitching after my bath.

It's so gratifying to see such a large section in one go!
Day 29